Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cupcake Liners

It doesn't seem like there is much to know about cupcake liners, huh?
Well, actually there is...sort of.

Have you ever had your cupcake liners separate from your cupcake?
Ever bought some cute cupcake liners just to bake your cupcakes
and find that they look gross after actually cooking in them?!
It can be pretty frustrating.

A key quality you might want to look for, especially for patterned liners,
is to make sure it is "grease proof". It usually says right on the package front. 
This keeps the grease in the cupcake from saturating the liner and discoloring it.
This simple thing will make your liners come out looking like they did when they went in.

Now, when your cupcake liner starts separating from your cupcake, this is a result of too much moisture. Either your cake is too moist (Is this really a problem?!) or your liners are a thin lower quality that absorbs a lot of moisture.
You can try to help this by making sure your cake is not undercooked as well as purchasing decent quality paper liners. {Stay away from the super cheap kind}
Grease proof liners will also help with this.
Another thing I personally like to consider regarding cupcake liners is the size of the liners.
Not all "mini" cupcake liners are the same size. You will want to figure out which size you like best and just stick with those. You can look on the package and it will always say the size.
I prefer regular cupcakes with a 2 inch diameter bottom and mini's that are 1 1/4" diameter bottom.

Now if you really, really love a certain patterned or colored cupcake liner and it is not grease proof, it's ok. you can still use them. You can bake the cupcakes in a plain white liner and then set them inside the nice pretty liner. This works well too. Just make sure that the liners you bake the cupcakes in are the same size or smaller than your decorative liner....
 I learned to think about that one the hard way. ;)
Now, go have fun trying out the different types of cupcake liners out there.
There are a ton!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it! Especially all of the tips and details on cake pops! I was ready to throw my cake pop maker out! I think I'll give it another try! Great Blog, thanks for sharing.

    1. I am so very glad you love it! Don't give up! You too can conquer the cake pop! ;D Shoot me an email if there are any topics that would be useful to cover. Have fun baking!