Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Cake Pops

I whipped up some cake pops for my awesome neighbors today for Valentine's Day. I just thought I would share a picture. They turned out pretty cute. 
I hope you are all surrounded by people you love and who love you! 
Happy Sabbath.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
John 3:16

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Toy Story Birthday Party

I am just throwing some phone pictures up of a toy story birthday party my friend just threw for her 1 year old son Emerson. I've helped her with her other two kids' 1st birthdays and it's always a fun theme. This time I had no time to help out (bummer!) so she did all the treats herself this time! I'm so proud! I just helped throw the cake decorations and fondant on quickly before the party (sorry... Not my best work). She made all the fondant and cakes.... I like this gig! 

(I LOVE these caramel popcorn cones!)

(It's supposed to be a little rocket ship cake.... with polka dots.)
(These cookies turned out awesome too!)

Some fun ideas for you!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baking Cookies {Oatmeal Chocolate Chip}

Who likes oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?! 
I do believe that this variety can be one of the tastiest.
These were pretty tasty.
Tip of the Day: The worst offense one can make towards the cookie is overbaking. 
Resist! It should not look done when you take it out of the oven. The edges should generally just barely start to golden up.
The recipe I used was this one.
I would decrease the white sugar and cook a single tray for 8 minutes. I prefer them to be a bit softer after they completely cool so I will be trying a different recipe but this one was good and wouldn't disappoint. 
I use a mini cookie scoop roughly a tablespoon size. Cookies are also best, in my opinion, if they are NOT cooked on parchment or non-stick so they don't spread and become flat. Cook them on an ungreased cookie sheet for a thick, deliciously textured cookie.
Happy Cookieing!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Basketball Cake Tutorial

Wow... 2 months. Has it really been that long since my last post?! Ay Caramba! Lots going on lately.
Check out my other blog for details --->
I actually have a ton of stuff to catch up on so I am going to just do really short posts. 
Let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer those and add them back into the posts.

These cakes turned out so cute! They were for my little brother's basketball championship game for his team. It was super simple. 

I made 8 inch round cakes and stacked them 2 high with frosting in between. I cut the cakes so they rounded off as much as I could on both the top and bottom (to try to make them look as round as possible without falling apart). This would also be really cute if you used a dome cake pan to truly make it round. I colored some buttercream orange (using water-based food gel) and covered the whole cake. Looking back I wish I had done the orange a little bit darker but I think I actually ran out of orange color and that's why. :)

Once you do that, take plain twizzler black licorice for the stripes and lay one across the middle of the cake. You will have to use more than 1 rope for each line. Try to connect them away from the bends because they tried to stick up on me and wouldn't stay bent how I wanted them to. 
Lay a rope perpendicular to the one you just laid (see pictures) and you can just start them right on each side of the first one (make sense?). 


Then take about 3 orange m&ms- you can get plain orange m&ms at certain party stores. I went to Zurchers- and lay them down (with the m&m brand facing down) starting at the corner of the licorice on each side (again see picture). Do about 2 rows. You want them to be as close as possible. It looks better. Laying the 3 m&ms down helps you measure where your outer licorice lines should go. Now lay down your last outside licorice lines. To get a bit of a rounder effect, curve the licorice at the bottom back towards your main middle line just a little bit (see picture- right licorice is curved in a little).

Voila! And there you have it. These are not difficult to make but do take a little bit of time and dexterity since you have to place each m&m.

I want to say I used about 12-16 oz of m&ms by weight to cover these 2 cakes and 1 package of black licorice (I think! I forgot to write it down so if it just doesn't seem right when you are buying the m&ms, go with your gut. Extra m&ms never hurt anyone. That was my philosophy). I bought way too many m&ms so now  extras are sitting in a dish on my desk waiting for on-lookers to come and eat them. They are sitting right next to the new Sherbert Oreos I had to get for my work people because they looked weird... yeah, they're pretty sweet (as in sugary... not awesome). Not my favorite. Other people liked them though..... tangent.
If you really want to know how many I used... you could count the m&ms on the cake. =D

Anyway, they were a big hit! So fun. Try them out for your next sports party!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Blog: Life with Sara Jane

Hello everyone!
I am in process of creating my new Blog called "Life with Sara Jane". It will contain all of my awesome ramblings and allow this blog to continue solely for desserts. Oh what joy!
They will both continue to be mine but will both have different content obviously. This is for all those who are interested in my desserts and don't want to sift through my other awesome non-sense (really?! Do these people exist?) So head on over real quick and please check it out! Subscribe to email over there if you want to continue getting all of my posts (not just desserts)!
I am in process of moving over most of my non-dessert related posts to this site so if you are looking for one here and can't find it... it probably moved over there!
{Here is the link}
I'll include the link in the nav bar above too!
Can't wait to start this new blog that will include so many awesome things to do, gifts to give, places to be and people to help! Come along with me on some new adventures!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crossfit, Protein Shakes and German Chocolate Cake

Ok, so I'm not saying this is a good idea... 
it's just what I do to make my protein shake enjoyable so I thought I'd share.

I use this protein supplement to make 8 oz shakes. It gives you 25 gm soy protein. boom. deal.


It's also nasty.
I am no quitter though so I found a way to make it really tasty!
I've tried to add it to my fruit smoothies and it just makes them taste funky. It doesn't work. no bueno.
It was just missing something.... what was it?
Oh yeah, sugar.
So I found a great way to make it flavorful and tasty.

Caramel syrup. 
Just a small squirt will do (about 1 tablespoon).
Yep. For the pittance price of 50 calories and 10 gm of refined death sugar... I get to enjoy my shake. I'm cool with that right now. You might even be able to get away with less (but why?!). For you health crazies out there, you can probably even find a decent sugar free caramel syrup (however it's debatable if that's really healthier). ;)
Try also chocolate syrup. Mmmm....mmmm....
You get the picture. Try it! You will be surprised!

So, yeah. It makes you want 2 servings of your nasty health drink. :)


Crossfit Day 2:
Dear Diary, 
Crossfit kicked my but today. I wanted to cry. Not like an emotional, more like a physical stress induced cry.... it was weird. I've never felt that before. No, I did not cry. :)
I was so sore from the workout yesterday that I could hardly walk up stairs. I found the solution to this though with the help of Michelle.... just don't walk up stairs. deal. But want to know what's worse than walking up stairs? Walking down them... my legs keep giving out on me. I get a little weak in the knees, shake a bit, get a little hyper-extension going and stumble down the stairs like I just got double prosthetics. It's probably pretty awesome to watch... not so much to experience.
Here was today's workout:
Deadlift- 10 lbs
warm up
Working Sets
5 x 3

10 Hand Raise Push-ups
20 sit-ups
20 squats
40 mountain climbers (my shoes fell off with these)
Repeat.... 6 times!
Everyone else had to do 30 squats and 8 reps, suckers! Since I'm weak and sissy, Andrew modified it for me. Andrew is the owner and trainer. He's really great at explaining technique.
I did it in 27:12 but I finished!
I am 100% sure this is the hardest I have ever worked out in my life. To the point of physically being unable to do that last squat or last sit-up.
Oooouuuuch! I really thought I wasn't going to be able to finish the squats but I did. :) And I'm glad I did it!
I got a really good night's sleep last night after my first workout and woke up energized and ready for the day. I started to get sore around midday today.... I shudder when I think of what punishment tomorrow brings to my poor aching body. I'll be returning upon my recovery. I have to. I paid for March already. baaaahhh.
Well, that's about it for my crossfit adventure today.


On an awesomer note.
I made a cake!
First cake in months!
Here she be.

so pretty. It makes me happy looking at it.

It was really nice to be baking again. I even attempted writing on it! 
{I don't write on cakes... when I worked at a bakery, I was banned from writing on cakes}

What I love about this cake is that when I am finished, I feel like I have made a substantial cake, a big impact on the world. It's heavy and takes 4 hours and is amazing.
You might even recognize her from last year.
Here is the recipe I posted before.
It's really pretty awesome.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Sweet Ben Passed Away

My Sweet Ben passed away on February 6th, 2013.
I wanted to share his beautiful obituary.
His sister Aspen wrote the body and I just added a few things.
He had the most beautiful funeral ever yesterday. It was such a peaceful day. 
Ben was with me.

DECEMBER 12, 1980 - FEBRUARY 6, 2013

    Our beloved husband, son, brother, uncle and grandson, Ben Ridges, age 32, passed away on February 6, 2013 after a long battle with cancer.  It may have taken his body, but Ben's spirit was never taken.  He amazed and inspired us all with his patience, kindness and grace.  We will forever remember his example.
    Ben was born to J. Rand and Marla Campbell Ridges on December 12th, 1980 in Bountiful, Utah.  Ben was the second of four children, the only son, and the king of the castle.  He was sealed to his beautiful sweetheart, Sara Jane Falkner Ridges, on November 27, 2002 in the Salt Lake Temple.  Together they moved several times before settling in Centerville, Utah.  
    Ben loved all things mechanical.  He spent many hours with his dad working on engines and adding horsepower.  He loved big tires, loud engines, and "showing us what this baby can do".  Ben loved both the mountains of northern Utah and the red rock and sand of Southern Utah.  He loved off-roading and horseback riding; whatever could take him off the beaten path and do so with speed.
    Known as Uncle Teasy-Pants to his 8 nieces and 2 nephews, visits with him were always fun. During the last months of his life he often requested their visits to brighten his day and make him smile.  His home was plastered with drawings, pictures and cards sent by his earthly angels who prayed for and loved him.  He will be missed by them.  Eliana, Cadence, Joel and Jasec Hadley; Brielle, Claire, Addison and Molly Davis; and Brooklyn and Kennedy Phillips.
    Ben is survived by his loving wife, Sara; furry child (boxer), Izzy; parents, J. Rand and Marla Ridges; sisters, Aspen (Steven) Hadley, Camille (Marty) Davis and Emily (David) Phillips; grandparents, Roy and Maxine Campbell; parents-in-law, Trudi and Harold "Short-T" Goode, Dane R. Falkner and Mary Jo Ahlin; brothers-in-law Dane V. (Charlotte) Falkner and Nicholas Falkner along with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who loved him greatly.  
    Special thanks to doctors and staff at the University of Utah Hospital and Huntsman Cancer Hospital for the professional and charitable care provided to Ben.  Also to the many friends and neighbors who served and loved Ben during the past two years.  We couldn't have done it without you!
    While he will be missed terribly, we imagine Ben joyfully casting off his mortal body.  We hope he will take big, deep breaths.  That he will run and jump and enjoy freedom from pain and suffering.  That he will increase the eternal joy and happiness of others on his eternal mission as he did in his earthly mission.
    A funeral service to honor and celebrate his life will be held on Monday, February 11th at 11:00 a.m.  at the Chase Lane LDS Building, 1125 N. 400 West in Centerville.  A viewing will be held Sunday, February 10, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Russon Brothers Mortuary, 295 N. Main in Bountiful and on Monday morning prior to the funeral services from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the church.
    In lieu of flowers, those who wish to do so may donate to The Ben Ridges Charitable Fund at any America First Credit Union in order to assist with funeral costs.
    The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. The prize belongs to him or her who endures to the end.